Just two friends building a bakery around our Pitties…


 We love dogs, point blank period. We have shared our homes with beautiful furry spirits throughout the years and we truly value the joy they’ve brought into our lives.


We are proud Pit Bull mommies who are on a mission to bring awareness and education about this commonly misinterpreted breed.

Our bakery came about during a late night rant between 2 friends striving to build something that we could be proud of.  We have finally found our calling and it is a true labor of love.


        At Pitty’s Bakery we believe the secret to long healthy lives for our fur babies is a well balanced diet free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. Our dogs deserve wholesome, organic, fresh, and all natural diets. Our treats provide an opportunity to really reward your dog without a guilty conscience. We have made it our mission to pack each treat with 100% organic ingredients, fresh produce, and premium humanely produced meats.  We bake our treats in small batches baked to order under the watchful eyes of our Pitties Buddy and Lana.

  It is important to us to use Pitty’s Bakery to support animal wellness, rescue, and educational organizations. Each month we highlight amazing causes and donate portions of our proceeds to help these groups continue their good works. 

Thank you for all the love,

Breana & Gina


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